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Sardines (3-Pack)

Sardines (3-Pack)

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Fulfilled by our friends at Fishwife

Say hello to Sardines with Preserved Lemon 🍋 and Sardines with Hot Pepper 🌶️ ! Our certified-sustainable sardines are hand-packed in Galicia, Spain with single-origin extra virgin olive oil. 

Enjoy these sardines atop a fresh baguette or straight from the tin using our newly crafted Tinned Fish Tongs 🥢. These elegant, stainless steel tongs were born to pluck fish from a tin.

Pair a Sardine Trio with our Tinned Fish Tongs for an elevated eating experience and SAVE 10%!

Our Sardines are:

✨ Responsibly wild-caught off the coast of Cornwall, England in the only MSC-certified sustainable sardine fishery in Europe.

✨  Hand-packed using traditional methods with Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Our Tinned Fish Tongs are:

✨ Crafted from pro-grade Stainless Steel in Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan.

✨ Designed to combine the long tapered profile of Japanese cooking chopsticks with the precision of plating tweezers.

✨ Created in collaboration with the SF-based design firm, Gestura, which partners with artisan manufacturers in Japan to create elegant, functional kitchen tools.

Each Sardine flavor is sold in a 3-pack.

Our cans are BPA-NI.

Sardine with Preserved Lemon Ingredients: Sardines (Fish), extra virgin olive oil, preserved lemon, sea salt.

Sardine with Hot Pepper Ingredients: Sardines (Fish), extra virgin olive oil, hot pepper, sea salt.

Net Weight: 4.20 oz

When you purchase a Sardine Trio and Tinned Fish Tongs bundle, you will receive a 3-pack of Sardines and 1 Tinned Fish Tongs set. Your 10% savings are automatically applied to the bundle price.

Tongs Material: 18/8 Japanese Stainless Steel

Tong Length Length: 10 inches

This item only ships within the United States.